Positive Plant Connections - Art Series #2 'Grounds & Graphics'

In this blog series we will be highlighting some unique and extremely talented artists local to Southern Ontario. Botanical Jewels is excited to be able to work with these local artist to develop the 'Positive Plant Connections' series where artist are given full creative freedom to create a piece in their own style and medium that best represents our slogan.

Emma, the creator behind Grounds & Graphics felt inspired by up-cycling and propagation when developing the newest additions to our 'Positive Plant Connection' series. Reused glass bottles were the basis of this idea and Emma felt drawn by the concept of propagation in these reclaimed bottles. Many plant lovers have started new plants and enjoyed watching them grow with this method. Having plants growing in our homes in reclaimed bottles is an easy, cost effective and attractive way to bring extra green into your home. There is also something special about newly rooted plants that give a sense of grounding and establishment. 

Emma produced two beautiful designs that we are excited to share with with our customers. You will be able to find them on the online store under our apparel and merchandise section. Clothing designs are on the way!

You can find Emma on instagram @groundsandgraphics

Here is a great example of how you can incorporate some reclaimed glass into your space! Happy growing!

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