Preparing for Spring

Just like a snap of a finger we are already into March! In Southern Ontario that means we are in seed starting mode for our future veggie and flower gardens. We have just began to see signs of life emerging out from under the snow and muck. With temperatures in the double digits I can almost guarantee that we will have splashes of bright spring flowers scattered across our gardens sometime next week. How exciting! 

Many are dreaming of the lush green that will come back to our trees, yards and patios, giving the world a sense of rebirth and new beginnings (something I'm sure we are all feeling in need of). There is lots to do to get yourself excited and proactive about your gardens and here is a quick over view.

  • Cleaning up debris - as the snow melts we sometimes find miscellaneous branches, garbage and other odds and ends which have collected around the yard. (Be sure to properly dispose of and waste material.)
  • Checking covered perennials - as much as we would like to completely open up any burlap coverings surrounding our tender perennials its important that we don't leave them bare just yet with freezing temperatures still in our forecast. In stead curb your excitement by checking to see how they faired over the winter. Then be sure to cover them back up before evening temperatures drops. 
  • Seed starting (our favourite time of year) - There is really no right or wrong when it comes to seed starting. What's most important to consider is the time in which the plant your starting take to reach maturity. This can usually be found on the back side of your seed packet. Some common March starts are: peppers, tomatoes, onions, broccoli, cauliflower and eggplant.  A great source if you're looking for a seed starting calendar is linked here.

Spring is on it's way (march 20th) and we are excited to grow along with you all this season!

Botanical Jewels is also excited to be offering both herb and vegetable starter plants this spring! Follow our media or subscribe to our newsletters to be updated when they become available.


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