Botanical Jewels aims to grow and cultivate positive plant connections and the reintegration of plants in day to day life. We grow a range of plants (season dependent) from houseplants, vegetable starts, and herbs. We also offer consultation for choosing the best plant for your home or business and how to's on growing your own food. Please see our Consultation page to book a free 30 min Zoom meeting. All plants are grown locally without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides. We also promote and use beneficial insects to create a healthy sustainable environment for our crops.

About the owner:

After being in the industry for a decade, Juliana is excited to be sharing her passion for plant integration and positive plant connections with her community and beyond. Starting in the industry at the age of 14 while working on an organic farm Juliana knew immediately that her love for sustainable agriculture and plants was just budding.

Throughout the years she has increased her knowledge and skills through working for various family owned nurseries as well as taking courses focused on Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Resources Science. Her passions led her to co-developing and managing two food gardens focused on skill development for those with disabilities. She often describes growing food and farming practices as reclaiming important skills and opportunities which can lead to saving money and connecting to the land. Not only did Juliana see the positivity that food growing had on individuals, she also had a keen interest in how home grown food benefited health and overall well being. Herbs are nature's medicine as they say and Juliana believes that this too is a forgotten skill. Currently she is immersed in a 3 year Practical Herbalist course with hopes that she can continue to help educate and assist those looking to incorporate herbal remedies into their life. 

While working in greenhouses Juliana became intrigued by the ‘rare’ and unusual! Tropical plants have always been a staple in her home but this begged the question of how do these plants get to the Northern hemisphere and are they sustainably grown? With this she began working with growers across the globe to acquire sought after varieties in order to create a Canadian stock that she can continue to grow and propagate. 

Juliana is excited to continue to develop and expand Botanical Jewels as a leader in sustainability and positive reintegration of plants into day to day life. She believes that by interacting with plants and creating sustainable relationships with them it will continue to promote skills, support and wellness that will spread across generations.