Pest Control

In today's society monoculture and conventional agriculture are extremely reliant on chemical pesticides to control damage to crops that feed our high consumer demand. This has caused an excess in these chemicals within ecosystems while posing as a harmful threat to both nature and humans. 

Botanical Jewels has committed to not use any chemicals on our plants. Instead, we use the support of beneficial insects that act as a sustainable preventative/control against damaging pests. The use of biologicals have not only secured a safe environment for our staff and customers but we are also minimizing our impact on the environment/land we have partnered with. 

Let's breakdown what beneficial insects are. Beneficial insects are insects that provide a valued services to farmers such as pollination and pest management. For example, predatory mites live out their adult lives hunting down and consuming pests such as thrip larvae and spider mites. We use a variety of beneficial insects such as predatory mites, orius insidiosus  and lacewings. These insects help us control a variety of pests such as thrip, mealy and spider mites. 

When you make a plant purchase on Botanical Jewels you may notice some beneficial insects still on your plants. Don't fret, these helpers will not harm any plants, pets or people in your home. They will also stay close close to your plants and their microclimates that support the biologicals. You will likely notice that they disappear if there after a month or so. We do encourage that customers also consider the use of passive pest control with beneficial insects. Our supplier, Koppert has a retail option when purchasing for your household needs! 

If you have more questions or are interested in learning more about biological control please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email.