Syngonium 'Mojito'-Botanical Jewels
Syngonium 'Mojito'-Botanical Jewels
Botanical Jewels

Syngonium 'Mojito'

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This unusual aroid has mottled green leaves making it very popular. Can be left to trail or mounted onto a moss pole to climb.

Provide bright indirect light to medium indirect, northern, western or eastern exposure. Can tolerate low light but watering will need to be adjusted accordingly. Allow to dry out slightly between waterings, do not over water to avoid chance of rot. This plant prefers high humidity, can be grown in a terrarium or glass enclosure. Situating close to a humidifier is also beneficial. This plant needs a well drained soil. Use a high perlite mix. You can also add orchid bark and LECA to increase drainage. Allow roots to fill the pot before re-potting. Increase pot diameter one size at a time.